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Amphipolis mysteries hold two-week wait

Minister of Culture Kostas Tasoulas, speaking on “Mega” Channel this morning, stated that “in a couple of weeks we will have a better view of what the tomb has inside.”

He said that new announcements regarding the progress of excavations are expected today and said that the works must progress slowly, so as to secure the structure of the tomb. The excavation team is led by archaeologist Katerina Peristeri.

He also stated that the Ministry of Culture, the Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator S.A (DESFA) will help excavations by providing 30 thousand euros for this cause.

"In response to these developments and the great interest expressed in Greece and abroad for this unique monument, it is worth considering again the issue of highlighting our culture, the pride that our culture offers us, the issue of protecting our culture along with its development, so that Greece can regain the place it deserves," Tasoulas said.

Tasoulas confirmed that parts of the wings of the Sphinxes were found adding that the excavation works continue and may take two weeks or more before drawing definite conclusions saying that "in archaeology, facts count and not speculations."

The total uncover of the marble Sphinxes found at the Kasta Hill in Amphipolis, the finding of a part of the back of the Lion of Aphipolis as well a small part of the superstructure of the monument in the archaeological excavations were announced by the Culture Ministry on Wednesday.

Excavations in the site of ancient Amphipolis resumed on Monday with archaeologists intensifying their efforts to solve the puzzle of the Sphinxes of Ancient Amphipolis.

A large number of tourists visited the area throughout the weekend to observe the archaeological finds. The Amphipolis Museum posted a record high in visitors who wanted to see the exhibits while visitors were also able to observe from a distance the site of the excavations with the aid of special telescopic lens.