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Door fragments found at Amphipolis

A broken marble gate was found in the entrance casing of the third separating wall that leads to the third chamber.

After the removal of accumulated earth, three pieces of a marble door leading to the third chamber were found. They are also constructed of marble from Thasos, like most of the surfaces and features uncovered so far, and according to archeologists now show that the construct is actually a funerary monument. The broken door pieces pivoted, as pivots were found in the casing. Among the dirt removed archeologists have found copper and iron nails.

These new findings were announced today by lead archeologist at the Kasta dig, Aikaterini Peristeri, along with culture ministry secretary general Lina Mendoni. As she mentioned these new facts reinforce the view that this is a Macedonian tomb, and seem to confirm recent statements by classical arxheology professor Mihalis Tiverios that this is a unique funerary, heroic building.