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Bakoyannis demands tax cuts,social action

Dora Bakoyannis demanded more social actions by the government on the occasion of the discussion of the draft budget for 2015 and brought up the issue of a drastic reduction of the tax burden.

The MP stressed that
New Democracy should go further in terms of addressing the over-taxation not only of individuals but also of SMEs.

She also reiterated the need to go directly to changes to the ENFIA property tax by adjusting the objective values (an amendment has been filed to reduce objective values by 30%). "The market and society need a clear, positive message. Do not underestimate the fact that people can not pay," she noted.

Regarding the arrangements for thetaxes in arrears, Bakoyannis called for establishing 100 installments. She hastened to add so the taxpayer can pay arrears as well as new charges.

"Let's do something more active" she proposed "to immediately and drastically reduce the tax burden. This is a positive, strong message that the Greek economy needs," she said, while calling to end "heavy taxation for businesses as well if we want to stop Greece from being at the bottom of the world list in new investments. "

in the end she also criticized SYRIZA saying: "I do not understand, said that climate you cultivate obeying the populist logic 'set fire to the place' does not affect the government, but declares war on society."