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The Archiodiocese's gentle giant

Daily he stands at the entrance of the Archdiocese in Plaka. He is cheerful, polite and always smiling. However, he is startling, as the man has the size of a giant.

One very gentle giant. He is none other than Triantaphyllos Marangos, a former champion in bodybuilding and now a guard at the Archdiocese.
As newspaper Espresso notes, Marangos has won gold medals three times at the National Championships (2002, 2005 and May of this year) and four World gold medals in 2002, 2005 and this year, as well as the title of “Mr Universe”» (the Olympics of bodybuilding), this year in Korea!
The Police
Triantaphyllos Marangos is at this post since the late Archbishop Christodoulos, attached administratively by the Police At the same time takes one accolade after another in the sport that creates modern Herakleidae! "I became involved with bodybuilding when I was 18 at the Vasilis Zachilas fitness Claus, who is my coach to this day. Originally at the amateur level, motivated by the standards of athletes I saw abroad. Then, as my physical condition improved, I started at 26 my diet and workout on the professional level with the full support of my coach I managed to pick up a Greek and world championships," says Triantaphyllos Marangos.
But how does the police face sporting events, in which he participates? The complaint Mr. Marangou has is that, unlike ordinary colleagues, the current leadership has not sympathized: "My colleagues and their association recognize and support my efforts, but the leadership of the Police never acknowledged my efforts. After this year I returned to competitive bodybuilding after my victories in Greece, Ireland and Korea, the most essential is the complete support of my colleagues. Only those leaning over my problems, knowing up close what it means to be a world champion celebrate and sympathize. I feel I am part of them! "Says the policeman bodybuilder.
At present, he is scheduled to take part in other events after the very recent wins.
For 14 years, Triantaphyllos has been in the service of the Archdiocese. As he sees his relationship with God, as a faithful Christian: "My wife and I are Orthodox Christians and we will nurture our children so. I am deeply religious, but not a bigot. I deeply have God in me..." he says.
The gigantic champion also referred to what he has experieced all these years by the side of two leaders of the Church and especially Archbishop Christodoulos. “Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens blessed my entries in the national championships in 2000 and 2002, and the World championship in Germany, in 2005 . I remember, then, that every time i looked to have lost weight, he had the same question: "Again diet Thiantaphyllos?Again getting ready for competition?" Always based my efforts and rejoiced with my distinction," he says excited.
He has good words to say for the current Archbishop Hieronymus: "The current Archbishop Hieronymus greatly appreciates both my identities. Many times, when entering and leaving the building, he prompts, jokingly, for a wrestling matchr!" concludes Triantaphyllos Marangos.