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Civil servants remitted close to 1.5 billion euros abroad

At of 415 civil servants that left their service in the midst of checks of persons remitting high sums (over 1100,000 euros) abroad was sent to general secretary for public revenue by government reform minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who was also informed by the special secretary for special inquiries for the civil service that in total 5,260 civil servants had remitted around 1.45 billion euros abroad.


As the ministry notes the inquest into the 415 will be undertaken by the general secretary for public revenue while checks on those that remain in service will be conducted by the bureau of special inquiries for the civil service
In December 2013. Mr Mitsotakis had ordered inquiries into civil servants that had remitted more than 100,000 euros abroad., wanting to ascertain the legitimacy and provenance of the sums involved.

From the inquiries it was borne out that of civil servants checked the average remitted sum was 275,000 euros, while 329 of them had sent over 600,000 euros. More than half of the 451 being audited were health staff.