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Cretan underwater wedding

Most weddings are similar: brides in white gowns, grooms in tuxedos, teary-eyed relatives. But one wedding on Crete was far different.

Like all Cretan weddings this one had the usual trappings, traditional fare like gamopilafo (wedding rice pilaf), lutes, Cretan lyres, but it also had the seabed as a beckdrop. As Cretapost notes, everything began two years ago, when Zachara from South Africa met the woman of his dreams Renata, from Hungary. Their love of diving brought them together and they wanted to exchange eternal vows at the bottom of the sea.

The couple have diving together in several places around the world, but chose to perform their nuptials on the seabed off Crete, and specifically at the diving center of hotel “Calypso Cretan Village.”

The ceremony started off pretty normally, as you can see on the Cretapost video, with the couple going to the area where the ceremony would take place to the accompaniment of a lute and a Cretan lyra, with the singer singing traditional mantinades about love and marriage.

They then donned diving gear and dove to a depth of 15m. There under a garlaned arch they exchanged vows of eternal love.