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Crime Decrease in Greece

Greek Police (ELAS) statistics show a decrease in serious crime for the first 9 months of the year, compared with same period in 2012.

More specifically figures show that murders, break-ins, robberies and vehicle theft are all on the decrease and specifically:

13 fewer murders: 111 compared to 124 (-10.5%)
734 fewer robberies: 3,777 compared to 4,511 (-16.2%)
11,007 fewer thefts: 56,188 compared to 67,195 (-16.3%)
713 fewer vehicle thefts: 21,426 compared to 22,139 (-3.2%)

As was noted by ELAS there was an 11% reduction in murders motivated by robbery or theft. Of the 111 murders 32 were motivated by theft, compared to 36 of 124 murders in 2012.