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Samaras Meets Merkel during EPP Congress

The position of Greece against any new horizontal measures and additional taxes was at the focus of what prime minister Antonis Samaras told German chancellor Angela Merkel, in a 20 minute meeting they had on the sidelines of the European Popular Party congress.

Ms Merkel noted that there was no discussion, which was interpreted that she just listened to issues presented by Mr. Samaras.

According to diplomatic sources, Mr. Samaras stressed that Athens will only discuss structural measures to close the 2014 fiscal gap.

The discussion also seems to have hovered on the debt issue, with European partners expressing the desire to deal with the issue after elections for the European parliament.

The Greek premier also met with Spanish counterpart Mariano Rajoy.
Alternate IMF spokesperson, William Marey also spoke of structural measures and no horizontal cuts to pensions and wages, responding to a question about fiscal measures.

Mr. Marey also announced that the troika mission will be back in Athens in the beginning of November.