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State Property Fund's revenues to be used for social welfare policy

Alternate Finance Minister Nadia Valavani late Monday, during the meeting of the Public Utilities Commission in parliament, announced the abolition of the country’s privatisation agency TAIPED and the setting up of a new organisation.

More specifically, Valavani announced the end of TAIPED as a Fund that was promoting the privatisations of public assets and submitted the revenues to the account for servicing the public debt within ten days. An amendment included in the bill on the settlement of arrears to 100 installments that will be submitted to the Parliament on Tuesday provides for the dissolution of the Attic Coastal Front Company and the absorption of Public Property Company (ETAD) in TAIPED. Following this absorption, a State Property Fund will be created and its revenues will be used to finance the government social policy and support the social security system.

On his part the new president of TAIPED Asterios Pitsiorlas said that privatisations that have already started will be completed. "We will not touch issues that have been completed," he stated. He also said that "it goes without saying that sea shores and beaches are not for sale."

As for the former Elliniko airport, he cleared out that its development or not will depend on how it is planned to be done. The course so far is wrong, he said, and does not serve the public interest, adding that the existing development plan is problematic and will be reviewed.

On the occasion of the debate in parliament on the privatisation of regional airports, parliament president Zoi Konstantopoulou intervened saying that both the government and the deputies have been elected for a specific pre-election programme which is not negotiable with any board of directors. She also asked for and received the Minister and TAIPED's commitment to submit any government decisions to the parliament plenary.