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Fire in derelict plant kills one

At least one person was killed and a second was taken to hospital in critical condition as a result of a major fire that broke out inside an abandoned factory in Volos, just before 13:00 on Thursday.

The dead man is thought to be a foreign national, while the second man has been admitted to the Volos Hospital ICU with extensive burns covering 90 pct of his body. Both men were later identified as Bulgarian nationals. 
Strong fire-fighting forces, with reinforcements sent in from surrounding regions, finally succeeded in putting out the blaze on Thursday afternoon. Firefighters are continuing a search of the premises to determine the cause of the blaze and whether more people may have been trapped inside after the roof of the factory collapsed. 
According to sources, another two individuals that may have lighter injuries were seen exiting the factory when the fire broke out and heading off in an unknown direction. It is considered possible that the four people had entered the factory in order scavenge metal that they could later sell. The cause of the fire has not yet been discovered but firemen believe it spread quickly due to the flammable materials in the building.