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PPC debacle in Santorini with two blackouts in 72 hours

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PPC management outrageously absent for the fourth day - No electricity for the No. 1 tourist destination in Greece - Interior and Tourism ministers in Santorini

An unbelievable debacle for PPC is evolving in recent days in Santorini as within 72 hours there were two general blackouts amid the peak of the tourist season and the international media are focusing on Greece after the fire at the factory production in Monolithi.

The latest blackout occurred Thursday evening, a little before 9 pm, due to a damage to the capacitor in the factory where an explosion occurred on Tuesday. Reportedly, the electrification of the island returned to 50% in the wee hours today.


PPC communication spokesman Kimon Stergiotis said Friday morning that they have done everything they could, and that at 10am they were expecting to add another 3 MW, bringing the total capacity to 32-33 MW.

The Santorini mayor is asking for a Minister and Prosecutor

Speaking at the main news of Skai TV, Santorini mayor Anastasios Zorzos has asked that the relevant Minister and Prosecutor travel to Santorini to coordinate the situation and intervene immediately.

According to neasantorinis.gr he is going to file a lawsuit against PPC for the situation taking place for the past three days on the island, due to the non-compliance with the timetable for the restoration of electricity that had been given by PPC to the municipality.

The same information says Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni will travel to Santorini to preside over a meeting to address the problem.