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Samaras' intervention on the issue of auctioning

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"It's a very important issue. It cannot be discussed at present," Samaras said

In a statement that represents a clear departure from the political opinion of those government officials who want the immediate deregulation of real estate auctions, Greek premier Antonis Samaras interfered in this major issue for thousands of Greeks. "It's a very important issue, I want to deal with it personally and in depth. It cannot be discussed at present," Samaras said during today's meeting at the Maximos Mansion.


Mandate to meet the deadlines

In the expanded meeting with the 11 ministers, the portfolios of which have pending issues that need to be dealt with in view of an assessment from Troika, Samaras said that the timeframes for implementing what has been agreed must be strictly observed.

“I know it is still summer, but we have a lot of work and must also meet the commitments we have made to begin capitalizing the positive actions of our governmental work," the PM told his ministers.

The discussion was mainly of a technical nature, with Finance Minister Y. Stournaras reading the obligations/prerequisites of each ministry.

According to information, the main objective of the meeting was to have everything ready and within the given timeframe in order for the government not to run again just before the next Troika audit in September.

Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said "we discussed the outstanding issues of all ministries. Regarding the Ministry of Administrative Reform the timeframes will be met and nothing will changes in our planning. We'll be ready by the end of September."

Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis said that Samaras coordinated the actions of all ministries and that "we will all be as we should. Each minister presented the commitments undertaken by his ministry, the activities undertaken and the fulfillment of their schedule."

Deputy Environment Minister Stavros Kalafatis said "we have a lot of work to do. The government's goal is twofold: Effective solutions to the problems of the people and working on the conditions for developmental issues."