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Electoral Law Changes Ahead of Local Elections

The intention of the government to change the eletoral law, as concerns elections for local government, was announced by alternate interior minister Leonidas Grigorakos.

Mr. Grigorakos made the announcement from Larisa, where he was speaking at a conference on the subject of "Local government in front of new challenges; Problems and Prospects."

As Mr. Grigorakos mentioned, the proposed changes will be clarified by the end of the year, although, as he noted, PASOK favors an overall change of the electoral laws.

Speaking on developments in the public sector, the alternate minister was negative to the prospect of a further wave of suspensions, especially in local government, but noted the government's decision to move in the direction of mobility, after assessing personnel.

Mr. Grigorakos also agreed with mayors' demands to reinforce their authorities in order to come to a true decentralization of the state. He also noted that medium sized municipalities have manageable debts, as do peripheries, in contrast to small and large municipalities.