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Creditors call for ‘intensive work’ towards deal

Work must continue with earnest intensity” was the message from Berlin late Monday on the Greek issue, a statement conveyed to Athens dispelling most hopes of a nearly finished deal to free up bailout funds for the Greek government, now scrambling to find cash.

“They agreed that work must continue with real intensity,” was the full statement by a German government spokesman after a mini summit hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the participation of French President Francois Hollade, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, ECB chief Mario Draghi and IMF head Christine Lagarde.

The spokesman added that the five leaders agreed to stay in close contact in the coming days to work on Greek debt negotiations, according to Reuters.

“The participants in the talks were in close contact in recent days and want this to remain the case in the coming days – both among themselves and of course with the Greek government,” the spokesman added.

According to local media reports in Athens, meanwhile, the government was informed of the results of the meeting in the early morning hours, without however, having been briefed on the course of the talks.

Other reports out of Berlin claim that EU, IMF and Commission leaders are trying to avoid the semblance of a “take it or leave” ultimatum to Athens, instead formulating an agreement on the points the Greek side can agree on.