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Chios Boycotts Olympic

Residents of Chios are demonstrating against high airline fares by boycotting all air trips between 13 and 19 November, while eyeing a Turkish solution.

The Chios Consumers Union called the boycott to express "opposition to isolation on the one hand, and the almost extortionist monopolistic policy of Olympic, that requires a third of a monthly salary for a trip to Athens, while European destinations cost up to 1/3 that price. It is now routine for expatriated Chiots to reach the island via Constantinople, or Smyrna (Izmir)."

According to an article in Eleftherotypia, the deputy mayor of Vrontados, Chios, Nikos Nyktas, proposed during a municipal council meeting that the municipality should look into inviting a Turkish firm that now does the Izmir-Athens route for 50 euros to make a stopover on Chios.

At the same time, Mr. Nyktas proposed the municipality also look into purchasing a ship, even used, that runs on "mild" energy, as those used in Scandinavia, to lower transportation costs.