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Pangalos Strikes Again!

Former PASOK minister Theodros Pangalos has urged a mass airborne exodus from the country in the event that Alexis Tsipras is elected to power, arguing that a SYRIZA government would be disastrous for Greece and would involve the country "committing suicide again".

Theodoros Pangalos, whose last political position was government vice president in George Papandreou's government from 2009 to 2012, said that if SYRIZA came to power, he would "remain in Greece and endure his fate".
But he recommended that whoever could leave the country should "get on a plane and go".

"The Greek people did this before. They will have killed themselves again," he continued, without specifying when this took place.

Pangalos lashed out at Tsipras' recent invitation to PASOK MPs to abandon their party, comparing it to the "apostasy" of 1965 where the a palace forged rightist coalition toppled Giorgos Papandreou's centrist government by wooing some of his MPs.

Pangalos is known for blurting out comments that embroil him in controversy.