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OPAP to restart plans for VLTs in Greece

OPAP SA on Wednesday announced that, following the introduction of a new VLTs regulation by the Hellenic Gaming Commission, the company's Board of Directors has decided that all of the appropriate conditions are now in place to allow OPAP to restart plans for the operation of VLT products in Greece.

The new regulation decided by the Hellenic Gaming Commission establishes a comprehensive institutional framework that secures public interest and public revenues and at the same time allows the economic viability of the VLT business for OPAP and its partners, OPAP said in an announcement.   
 The new regulatory framework for VLTs takes advantage of the latest gaming technology and wholly leverages all available restrictive measures in order to protect players, in line with international best practices for responsible gaming. Moreover, OPAP will accordingly adjust its current claim against the Greek State before the London Court of International Arbitration.