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Ben Needham’s mother says villagers on Kos know what happened to her missing son

Kerry Needham, the mother of a British toddler who disappeared in 1991 on Kos, says that villagers on the Greek island know what happened to her missing son.

“We know for a fact that there are people on Kos that know what happened to Ben that day,” Needham said in a recent interview with Britain’s Mirror newspaper.

“We have been assured by South Yorkshire Police that people do know. They do know. But they’ve lied,” she said.

Police in October wrapped up a renewed investigation into the disappearance of Ben, saying the boy probably died in an accident involving a digging machine.

Ben’s mother said that she had come to accept that the boy is no longer alive.

However, she added: “The search still goes on, in my eyes we need someone on that island to be answerable to this.”

“There are people on Kos who know what happened and probably know where Ben is buried,” she said.