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Greek PM did not mean Schauble had “psychological issues”

A high-ranking Greek government source was quick to clarify that PM Alexis Tsipras’s statement on Thursday in parliament about “psychological issues”, which was interpreted by the press to refer to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble had nothing to do with the German politician.

Following the uproar caused over Mr. Tsipras’s controversial statement, made earlier during a holiday event for the accredited reporters in parliament, who said: “Those who are not well in their souls, cannot deal with the problems of their country, Europe or the problems of the whole world”, the Greek government denied it was a stab at Mr. Schauble due to his intransigent stance towards Greece.

During an event in Greek parliament, the PM warned that those who were addressing the Greek people in an impudent manner and waving their finger at it would do well to first live up to their commitments and obligations before anything else. “They should have blessings and feel well and be happy in their souls”, Mr Tsipras said. The Greek PM had earlier attacked the German Finance Minister following the latter’s statements against Mr. Tsipras saying there would be no “compassion for him (Tsipras) when he shifted the blame on Germany for the pensions.”

A second government official said that relations between Greece and its creditors would be mended by next week and estimated that the suspension of the implementation of the medium-term debt relief measures would soon be lifted. He added that talks would be held and a document would include all open matters of the EuroWorking Group without the need for the EuroGroup to convene.