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Communist Party makes new wiretapping claims

The Communist Party made fresh allegations of wiretapping on Wednesday, claiming its call center was intercepted today during several phone calls with third parties, including those with New Democracy and the Centrists’ Union.

In December 1, 2016, the party had claimed that somebody was listening in to telephone conversations with other opposition parties. An investigation was opened to look into the allegations but so far no information has been published by police. 
“Before the investigation conducted by the relevant authorities for the case of wiretapping announced by the Communist Party has been concluded, new repeated interferences at the headquarters’ call center were observed, which concern listen-ins with third parties, among whom the call centers of New Democracy and the Centrists’ Union,” the party said in a press release and slammed the “unacceptable delay” of more than four months in publishing the findings on the previous complaint.
“The government and the relevant authorities must immediately investigate in depth this new serious incident and assume their responsibilities to uncover the perpetrators, which has not been done to date,” the Communist Party said, adding that it has informed the other parties, Parliament President Nikos Voutsis and Digital Policy, Media and Telecommunications Nikos Pappas, who is the relevant minister and the President of the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE), Christos Zampiras.