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Tourism contribution to Greek GDP at 18.6 pct in 2016

The Greek tourism sector contributed 18.6 pct (32.8 billion euros) to the country’s GDP in 2016, according to a report by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

The data showed that economic development as a result of tourism led to the opening of 860,500 jobs which corresponds to 23.4 pct of the total employment rate. 
According to the report, tourist activity will make up 23.8 pct of Greece’s GDP in 2027. The general contribution of the sector to Greece’s GDP for 2017 will rise by 6.9 pct, while its contribution to employment will increase by 6.3 pct in 2017 (914,500 jobs) and 3.4 pct annually until 2027, which corresponds to 1,273 million jobs. 
Investments in tourism amounted to 3.2 billion euros, comprising 15.7 pct of the country’s total investments, while this is expected to rise by 6.6 pct in 2017 and 5.1 pct annually for the next ten years.