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Crackdown on undeclared labour

Labour Minister Efi Achtsioglou underlined the government's determination to crack down on employers flouting labour law, especially the practice of undeclared or underdeclared labour, in a statement to the press for the May Day labour rights' holiday on Monday.

"The problem is significant but not impossible to overcome. In a recent inspection at a big bank by the Labour Inspection Corps, more than 100 violations relating to underdeclared labour were ascertained and, for the first time, a fine amounting to 1,635,000 euros was imposed. Phenomena of employer lawlessness will not be tolerated," she underlined.
Achtsioglou also underlined that May Day was a day to remember and honour the fight for labour rights, not a "museum exhibit or a day with no meaning". "Labour May Day is a living reminder that history is written by collective struggles," she said.
The present government was striving to honour the struggles of the working class in practice, in spite of the current very difficult conditions, she added.
"From the first moment, [the government] made it a key target to restore collective bargaining in a meaningful way. The issue of labour relations in Greece was made a central issue in the discussion on the future of Europe. All the major European trade unions and progressive political forces aligned themselves with this effort," Achtsioglou pointed out.
"Equally important, however, is methodical intervention in work spaces against delinquency and lawlessness and to improve the daily life of workers. With coordinated actions we aim to fight undeclared and underdeclared labour. Included in this framework are the targeted joint raids by the Labour Inspection Corps, EFKA, the SDOE financial crimes' squad and the financial police that start today," she announced.