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Stand up comedian Katerina Vrana's condition improving

Famous stand up comedian Katerina Vrana's health is reportedly improving, a spokesperson reassured the press from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The comic was taking part the International Comedy festival when she experienced debilitating lower abdominal pain and cramps she thought was food poisoning.

As the pain would not subside Vrana was taken to hospital only to discover an already ruptured appendicitis.

"She's still in septicaemic shock, on mechanical support due to a serious lung infection," her cousin Alexandros Poulidis told the press two days ago.

A new announcement by her family informs us that she is recovering, in stable condition. The family has also asked media to stop reproducing news on her condition.

Vrana is currently No 3 in The World's Funniest People, the only female to have come so far in the Laugh Factory contest, with over one million votes.

The Greek born and bred comedian spends three months every year in Australia and the rest of her time touring between the U.K., the U.S and Greece.