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150,000 euro grand prize awarded to Greek archaeological works

The Simone & Cino Del Duca Foundation (La Fondation Simone & Cino Del Duca) has awarded the French School at Athens and the Greek Culture Ministry the grand prize in  archaeology (Grand Prix d’archéologie ) following the recommendation from the Institut de France, for archaeological works carried out in Thassos.

The 150,000 euro prize will be awarded during a ceremony in Paris on June 7.

The archaeological works conducted by the French School at Athens and the Greek Culture Ministry  are being carried out at a 1,400m2site near the port of Thassos  and uncovered a 5th-century residence built on the hillside of the acropolis of the ancient city of Thassos,  between Dionysios and Artemisio, northeast of the ancient market.

The French School at Athens has carried out archaeological fieldwork at major sites across Greece, including excavations at Philippi, Samothrace, and Delphi.