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Poll: Germans divided on Greek debt reduction

Featured Poll: Germans divided on Greek debt reduction

German citizens appear divided on whether Greece should receive any debt relief, according to a poll published in newspaper ‘Die Welt”.

The survey, conducted by WORLD-Trend on behalf of the Research Institute of Civey, showed that 45.6% of respondents were in favour of a dedt reduction for Greece and 47.2% answered with a “Nein”.

Broken down in party affiliation, over 80% of the leftist party “Die Linke” are favourable of debt reduction, the Green party supporters also support it with 76.6%, as do the social democrat (SPD) voters (75.6%). Voters of the Christian democratic party (CDU) of Angela Merkel and their partners the Christian socialists (CSU) oppose any debt reduction, while 57.4% of the Free democrats (FDP) are not in favour of a debt relief.