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Court acquits man charged for attempt to stop police brutality against arrested migrant

A criminal appeals court on Thursday acquitted Petros Kapetanopoulos of all charges brought against him by police for his attempt to stop the brutal treatment of a migrant by police officers making an arrest.

The incident occurred on the night of July 21, 2012 in the Athens area of Kolonos when Kapetanopoulos heard a commotion outside his house and came out to investigate. Seeing police officers stamping on a migrant that they had just arrested for suspected theft, Kapetanopoulos objected strenuously and was also placed under arrest. He was brought before a public prosecutor, who added the criminal charge of complicity in theft to the minor offences listed by the police officers.
The criminal charge was thrown out by a Criminal Appeals Justices' Council, however, which indicted Kapetanopoulos for attempting to free a prisoner, resisting arrest and giving false testimony under oath. These charges were also dismissed by a court on Thursday, in line with a prosecutor's recommendation for acquittal, which found that there was insufficient evidence to support them.