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Artist Aspa Stasinopoulou passes

The great artist Aspa Stasinopoulou passed away at the age of 82. The artist through her works and lifestyle expressed a critical and poignant view of society and mores.

Her work included mainly constructions and installations with various materials, in the visual arts and performance.

Her theme started from a critical approach to political and social reality, based on the recording of everyday events, often in a subversive mood.

Her last artistic participation was during the summer in the framework of the International Documenta 14 Exhibition of Contemporary Art with a project-installation in the EMST building.

The artist-performer

In 2013, as part of the International Museum Day, she once again stole the show when she wore an old embroidery from 1882 and took a walk in and out of the EMST, which was then the headquarters of the Athens Conservatory.

The work / garment she wore was crafted by Rena Papaspyrou ofhundreds of photocopies of the cross-stitch of the embroidery of a little girl of the 19th century, Eleni Kassaloglou.

Aspa Stasinopoulou dressed in the work by involuntarily or voluntarily carried out the code of human experience of little Eleni, who at the end of the 19th century displayed her embroidery skills and her grammatical skills on a small piece of cloth.

Embroidery at that time was often a way to teach a young girl to read and write at home. This ability was then a lifetime tool.

Aspa Stasinopoulou was born in Athens.
She studied at the Ecole Superieure des Natioanle Beaux Arts in Paris.

In France she met Yannis Tsarouchis, with whom she had a friendly and bountiful artistic expression.

She returned to Greece and made her first solo exhibition in 1966 at the Astor Gallery.

In 1968, in the midst of political developments, she left again for Paris. In 1969 she settled in London, where she worked until 1974.

Since her youth, she has been involved in artistic group activities that have expressed, among other things, her ideological objections to the commercialization of art and the gallery system, such as the Center for Visual Arts, the Art Group 4+ and the Group on Communication and Education In Art.

She did not have many solo exhibitions. She presented her work mainly in Athens, but also in Amsterdam and London. In 2009, a retrospective exhibition was organized in Athens (Benaki Museum), which was honored with the great off-competition award of AICA Hellas. She also participated in major group exhibitions and international events in Greece and abroad.