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Mount Athos harshly condemns sex change law

The centre of monasticism in the Eastern Orthodox Christian world, Mount Athos has issued its position on the controversial sex change bill scheduled to be discussed in a plenary session in the Greek parliament, unequivocally condemning it.

In a letter signed by the heads of the 20 monasteries on the Chalkidiki peninsula in Macedonia, northern Greece, signed a letter to the Minister of Justice Stavros Kontonis and Education Minister Konstantinos Gavroglou and all Greek PMs stressing the bill unashamedly undermined the law of God. The representatives and heads of the 20 monasteries added that they were obliged to react in a rigorous manner to the government’s choices, as if they failed to do so, their “ancestors would be turning in their graves”. The condemnation comes after the Greek Orthodox Synod issued a statement urging the government to scrap the law.