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Lagarde to Tsipras: Implement reforms

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras met with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde in Washington.

During their 15-minute private meeting the two discussed the need for the implementation of the measures by Greece, as well as the necessity for a debt relief. Both recognised that Greece was a on a path of economic recovery, as well as a swift and timely completion of the 3rd review. During a joint press conference after their meting, the Greek PM underlined that the country was finally turning a new leaf after years of efforts by the Greek public had bore fruit leading to a visible and viable exit from the economic crisis.

Ms. Lagarde welcomed Mr. Tsipras to the organisation’s headquarters and stressed that the achieved progress via the implementation of the programme was positive noting that the application of the agreement for debt relief was of substantive importance to support Greece and its subsequent return to sustainable growth. During their extended meeting, which lasted 50 minutes with the participation of the Greek Deputy Finance Minister George Chouliarakis from the Greek side, among others, and IMF officials, the talks pretty much reiterated the need for a fast implementation of the reforms and the need for some kind of debt relief. Earlier the Greek PM had called for investments by the Chicago Greek American community during his address at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs. Mr. Tsipras is scheduled to meet with US President Donald Trump at the White at 7pm (Greek time) on Tuesday.