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Uninsured patients at risk of life

The Elliniko Metropolitan Social Clinic announced, on Friday, that a 66-year-old cancer patient without insurance, who was receiving care after being refused admission at public hospitals, has passed away.

On Thursday the clinic announced that it had not yet received any confirmation or response from the Ministry of Health, after informing them of the dire condition of ten uninsured patients seeking treatment. The 66-year-old man was amongst those ten patients.

In response to the 66-year-old’s death, the clinic has called for citizens to contact and pressure the Ministry of Health and General Secretariat of the Government into finding an immediate solution for uninsured patients who face serious health problems.

On Friday, the Ministry of Health finally decided to respond to the Social Clinic' appeal and has promised to transfer the remaining 9 patients to hospitals for treatment.

In a few days the Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko will complete its second year of operation. According to  mkie-foreign.blogspot.gr in this second year the situation became tragic for those without any insurance, the long-term unemployed and those with no means of subsistence, who are excluded from public healthcare.


Last year's data are shocking:

Visits to the Metropolitan Community Clinic for primary health care (doctor visits, medicinal coverage) and provision of baby food are already more than 17.500.

Besides these visits, 2.331 laboratory tests were made, by collaborating laboratories that offer them for free to people that absolutely need them, as follows: 749 imaging tests, 193 cardiological tests, 503 ophtalmological, 886 blood and microbiological tests.

The Metropolitan Community Clinic arranged 102 surgical procedures, 78 in Public Hospitals and 24 in private ones. 21 of them were urgent - 15 of them were cardiac procedures and heart surgeries, 1 aortic aneurysm, 1 was cancer-related and 4 were childbirths.

Still, today, 50 patients with serious medical problems, await secondary treatment. 10 of them are in life-threatening conditions:

1 with abdominal aortic aneurysm

8 cardiac surgery cases

1 possible cancer

The clinic call on the state in order not to grieve more victims, like the 36 year old cancer patient that died, leaving two young children behind.