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Condemned terrorist Maziotis attacked in his prison cell

Condemned terrorist Nikos Maziotis was attacked by other inmates in Korydallos Prison.

According to an anti-authoritarian site, the attack against Nikos Maziotis took place in his cell. About 10 detainees were involved in the attack. Of these, 2-3 were more active than the others.

Nikos Maziotis was hit mainly on the head, the ribs and the abdomen by his assailants.

However, the attack - as the website says - was not completed because Kurdish and Turkish prisoners intervened. In fact, they immediately informed his comrades outside the prison walls about the attack.

Nikos Maziotis is hospitalized with many injuries at the Korydallos prison hospital. It should be noted that he has been on a hunger strike for 36 days.