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Couple found dead on Kefalonia linked to satanic ritual mutual suicide

The evidence that has come to light concerning a couple found dead in a house they had rented on Kefalonia has shocked the local community. Evidence indicates it was a mutual suicide in the context of satanic rituals.

Both the German man (about 30 years old) and the Bulgarian woman (20 to 23 years old, pictured) were found dead on Saturday afternoon of December 30, just hours before the year changed, at the house, they had rented through a known platform, in Vlahata Kefalonia.

The Bulgarian woman had died of bleeding, while the German seems to have slit his veins, eventually ending his life by plunging a knife in his heart. Coroner Angeliki Tziola, who examined the bodies, even said that there were no defensive injuries. There are, however, some signs that the 30-year-old helped the 23-year-old to die.

As it emerges from newer elements that come to light, the young Bulgarian had disappeared from her home and family since June 8, 2017, when her disappearance was declared.

Her relatives and friends even uploaded her photos to social media, calling for help.

Some, in fact, have suggested that she had become involved in organizing rituals related to satanic cults.

However, as the evidence suggests, the young woman had participated in these kinds of black magic and self-inflicting wounding rituals, as old scars were found on her body.

The choice to put an end to their lives last Saturday has to be considered in this context. They chose December 30, shortly before the change of year, and a few hours before the first full moon of the year, considered the brightest of the year and often associated with such satanic ceremonies.

In the area and next to the bodies were found candles and pendants with satanic symbols.

There were dozens of candles, a pentagram pendant, and items used in pagan rituals.

In addition, the photos from the Facebook account maintained by the Bulgarians show that it was directly related to Satanism. She had even put up two photos: One that seems to have blood in her mouth, which is suspicious that she was a bloodbath, and one with the pendant she wore with the pentacle.