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Culture Min.: We are waiting for official data on stolen antiquities in Manhattan to ask for return

The ministry of culture is claiming that it is waiting for official data from US authorities about the theft of ancient Greek works found in the possession of a US billionaire.

Specifically, in a statement the ministry states:

"Information on the seizure of Greek antiquities in New York.

Following recent reports on the seizure of Greek and Italian antiquities by the competent authorities in New York, the Ministry of Culture and Sport informs that it is awaiting official data from the US authorities to take appropriate action to repatriate Greek antiquities having documented their illicit trafficking.

Already from the previous month, there has been close cooperation between the US authorities and the competent Archaeological Ministry Services to exchange all the necessary data in connection with the identification of an ancient object (Attic White Lekythos) included in the seizures."

After the raid of New York authorities in the office and home of billionaire Michael Steinhardt in Manhattan they found and seized many ancient works that, as they say, have been stolen from Greece and Italy.

Among the seizures is an ancient Greek lekythos from the 5th century BC, the value of which is estimated at 380,000 dollars.

Also, seals of the Early-Corinthian Period (from the 7th century BC) were seized, depicting an owl and a duck, both of which are estimated to be worth 250,000 dollars altogether.