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Theogefyra natural wonder of Epirus collapses

Theogefyra, one of the most famous landmarks of Epirus, collapsed.

According to epirusgate.blogspot.gr, residents of the area saw the fallen bridge and immediately informed the responsible bodies, that confirmed the collapse.

The main culprit was the heavy rainfall of the last days, while the mayor of the village of Litino, Christos Kotsis, told ERT Ioannina that "it did not seem so worrying until now."

The village president, Panayiotis Katsoulis, speaking to epirusgate , said the disaster is complete and that the nearby church is also in danger.

A little outside Zitsa, the Kalamas River had created a "miracle", digging with its wild waters the great rock. The amazing result ...

Theogefyra was an arched stone bridge 3 to 4 meters wide and 20 meters high, a unique creation of nature. Below it was the stunning Kalamas, the longest river of Epirus with a length of 115 kilometers.

Gables, waterfalls and rocks complete the image of the wild lverdant andscape.

According to the local tradition, a woman left her newborn child and crossed the river over a wooden bridge to visit a nearby monastery. Then, a storm broke out, the river bloated and destroyed the wooden bridge. The woman prayed to God to help her return to her child in time to feed it. Suddenly, the waters receded and a bridge was formed, which was named by the locals "God's Bridge".

To «Θεογέφυρο»


 Λίγο μετά τη Ζίτσα, ο ποταμός Καλαμάς είχε κάνει το θαύμα του, σκαλίζοντας με τα άγρια νερά του το μεγάλο βράχο. Το αποτέλεσμα εκπληκτικό... 

Το «Θεογέφυρο» ήταν ένα τοξωτό πέτρινο γεφύρι με πλάτος 3 με 4 μέτρα και ύψος 20 μέτρα, μοναδικό δημιούργημα της φύσης. Από κάτω του έρρε ο ορμητικός Καλαμάς, ο μεγαλύτερος ποταμός της Ηπείρου με μήκος 115 χιλιόμετρα. 

Πηγή: Κατέρρευσε το Θεογέφυρο, το πιο ξεχωριστό γεφύρι της Ελλάδας [εικόνες & βίντεο] | iefimerida.gr