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Adrianople court orders continued incarceration for Greek soldiers

The court of Adrianople today orderedt he continuation of the custody of Greek armed forces personnel Angelos Mitrotedis and Dimitris Kouklatzis.

The new request to release two Greek soldiers detained in high security prisons in Adrianople was also denied this time as they would be kept in custody until all the details were examined.

At the Varna Summit, Tayyip Erdogan made no commitments on the case of 2 Greek soldiers and today the Adrianople court rejected the request for their release.

The detention period of the two Greeks was not specified, once again, with the prosecutor stating that all elements should first be considered.

The news was reported by media outlets Sabah and Yeni Akit as extraordinary.

Early in the morning, there was information that it was very likely that the issue of the incarceration of Lieutenant Angelos Mitretodis and the Sergeant Dimitris Kouklatzis was very likely to be dealt with today.

It is recalled that the issue of the two Greek soldiers was normally scheduled to be dealt with by the Adrianople court on Friday 30 March.

Finally, although the information to speed up the meeting of the lawyers of the officers with the Adrianople prosecutor, the outcome was not as expected since the two were not released.