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Shocking letter of murdered 25 year old's mother blames PM, mayor, officials for his death

An open letter to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, competent officials and the mayor of Athens, was sent by the mother of 25-year-old Nikolas, who was tragically killed after falling from Philopappou hill, after being attacked by three foreign robbers.

In her shocking post, the 25-year-old's mother says her son was in Scotland for four years and decided to come with his Portugese girlfriend to Athens for vacation and to show her the beauties of our capital.

The unfortunate young man's mother points out that Nikolas, being absent for a long time from Greek reality, "did not know the danger of this place, which was created and is maintained by your own complicity."

Addressing the Prime Minister, she wonders whether "instead of having half the police force guarding our political staff and their families, shouldn't the State have a stronger police force in the wider archaeological site? Shouldn't the State allocate some funds from the money of its heavily taxed citizens, not only to your ublicly aknowledged exorbitant wages, and for public fiestas, but also to place safety railings along this platform that appears like a dark strip mine and ends in an abyss, in which one can slip at any time even without the attack that Nikolas suffered?"

Mrs Stamatis concludes in her letter to the Prime Minister noting that "My Nikolas, Mr. Prime Minister, was welcomed by Scotland that offered him a dignified and safe life and honored him, as he honored his country of origin as through his behavior, as an ambassador to a foreign state.

My son, Mr. Prime Minister, was hosted and protected by the rocky and steep, yet protected by the state, Edinburgh Castle, and in his Homeland he was killed by your own complicity and criminal negligence."