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FYROM PM: Our language and identity will always be “Macedonian”

Only hours after revelations by WikiLeaks about the strategy FYROM had been pursuing since 2008 regarding the name dispute, the identity and language, which effectively destroyed the Greek government’s narrative of difficult talks with Skopje, the Prime Minister of FYROM Zoran Zaev sent a new message regarding the matter, saying that the language and identity of his people will always be “Macedonian.”

During his speech at Pehcevo, a few weeks before the crucial referendum on September 30, Mr. Zaev underlined to his fellow citizens that, as one Skopian poet once said, “their language is their homeland.” “The Macedonian language will always be Macedonian and the Macedonian identity will be Macedonian,” said Zaev, according to media reports.

His latest statements come amid speculation after a US Embassy telegram in Skopje revealed that FYROM has been prepared to accept the name “Northern Macedonia” since 2008, on conniption that their language and identity would be recognised as “Macedonian”.