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3rd Hellenic Conference on Holocausts and German Reparations

"We must not forget the crimes in Greece for which German fascism is responsible," stated Ulrich Schneider, General Secretary of the International Federation of Resistance Fighters - Association of Anti-Fascists  (FIR), in a message to the 3rd Hellenic Conference on Holocausts and German Reparations to be held in Amira Viannou, Crete on September 14-16.

In his message on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Viannou massacre he said that FIR supports the Greek demands and urged the German government to stop preventing serious negotiations on this issue. Reparations to the Greek people for the atrocities are still sought, he added.
"FIR congratulates the Greek antifascists and their friends from all over the world that support this mission" said Schneider in his message and called on the German government to end its refusal to consider reparations and proceed to a serious solution. "It is inadmissible to wait another 25 years, when even the grandchildren of the victims will not be with us," said Schneider. According to the organisers, the fact that Schneider is German "makes his intervention more important, both symbolically and in essence."
The FIR is the umbrella organisation of federations of former resistance fighters, partisans, members of the anti-Hitler coalition, those persecuted by the Nazi regime and anti-fascists of today's generations from over twenty-five countries of Europe and Israel.