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Five arrested for assault against SYRIZA MP in Kalamata

Greek police have arrested five people for the attack on SYRIZA MP Petros Konstantineas.

In particular, two 26-year-olds, a 36-year-old, a 34-year-old and a 37-year-old were arrested.

According to what has become known so far, around 19:30 yesterday, while Petros Konstantineas was 150 meters away from the stadium, on his motorbike, he initially received a verbal attack by organized supporters of the local team of Kalamata, belonging to the organized supporters club called the Bulldogs of the "Black Storm" that shouted to him that he sold out Macedonia and characterized him as a traitor. Within a few minutes, 14 to 20 people arrived, who threw down the MP and began to beat him.

"It is an extreme fascist episode on of the issue with Macedonia, they attacked me by telling me that ... I sold out Macedonia. I am lucky to be alive. Fascism from wherever it comes will not pass," the MP said.

Petros Konstantineas was transferred to the General Hospital of Kalamata with minor injuries and remained for hospitalization for preventive purposes.

Kostantineas is a former baker, and football referee, residing in Kalamata, for which he is representative in the House.