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Cyclone Zorba hits most of Greece

Greece is at the mercy of the Mediterranean Cyclone "Zorba", as the rare weather phenomenon already sweeping the shores of the Peloponnese and Kythira with gale winds, giant waves and strong storms.

Already, from dawn on Saturday, the cyclone has hit the southwest Peloponnese, especially Messinia. The winds reach 9 Beaufort and are accompanied by heavy rainfall. In Pylos and Methoni there have been power outages, while landslides have occurred in the provincial network.

In recent hours, new data have emerged about the cyclone's evolution, according to the latest forecasts.

According to the latest figures, the only areas of the country that will not be affected by the cyclone will be the North Ionian, Epirus and Western Macedonia, while the Northern Aegean, East Macedonia and Thrace, which originally appeared not to be affected are at risk.

In Attica, the wave of bad weather, with strong winds and rainfall, is expected on Saturday afternoon.

Problems in coastal shipping

Problems in coastal transport are caused by the strong winds that are blowing in many areas in the southeastern Aegean Sea and reach 8-10 beaufort in the country.

In force is a detention order from Piraeus for shipping to the Dodecanese and the Cyclades. Also, the ferries do not operate from Rafina to Cyclades, except to Marmari.