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Deutsche Welle: Jihadists traffic drugs, run prositution through terror in Moria

In the article, it is reported that members of the Islamic State have arrived in Lesvos from Deir al-Zor, one of the last bastions of ISIS. This group of Syrians does not hesitate to use violence with crowbars and knives, relying on the law of Sharia.

DW's story notes: "The refugee camp in Moria is considered the worst in Europe. More than 8,000 people live here while there is only provision for 2,500. The only thing that seems to work there is crime. Recently, Syrian refugees from Deir al-Zor, one of the last bastions of the Islamic State in Syria, have arrived in Moria. And since then there has been an outbreak of crime in the camp.

Underneath the nose of the Greek authorities, it is, as is shown by a gang of refugees from Syria, which controls drug smuggling and prostitution. They do not hesitate to use overt violence, with crowbars and knives, relying on Sharia law.

According to a report by two DW journalists in Lesvos, Mariel Miller and Bashir Amrun, which was broadcast on DW's television, it is not known whether the criminal group is directly or indirectly related to the Islamic State. The fact is, however, that the Islamic State symbols in Moria are visible on doors and walls, as hidden camera shots show, and that circles of German security authorities have confirmed to DW journalists that members of the Islamic State now live in Moria. However, it is unknown how well these members are organized. There are also fears that some Islamists have already left Lesvos and are now in Athens, and they can still go to Western Europe.

The Deutsche Welle report describes a climate of violence and crime, which the Greek authorities either do not know or ignore. As the two DW reporters claim in Moria despite their request, the Greek Ministry of Immigration Policy was not interviewed claiming their workload, while the police did the same. "