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November 17 hitman requests release on grounds of disability

Savvas Xiros has applied for a release from prison on terms. Xiros was sentenced to five times life imprisonment for participation in the 17N terrorist organization.

The prisoner asked the competent Prison Council invoking health grounds on the basis of Article 110A of the Penal Code, as amended by the Paraskevopoulos law, which allows for cases of life detainees with a disability percentage of 80%, or more, and if they have served for ten years, in the case of homicide, to serve the "rest of their sentence in home detention". The provision also provides that 'electronic surveillance may be imposed'.

Savvas Xiros' appeal is the first to cite this provision, as the previous ones he had filed and which were rejected were based on "grievous disability" as he stated that for reasons of beliefs he did not want electronic surveillance.

Savvas Xiros has been facing serious health problems since 2002 when an explosive mechanism he was about to place in Piraeus exploded in his hands, resulting in his arrest and capture of the "November 17" organization.

According to his lawyer, Annie Paparousou, Savvas Xiros has a 98% disability,  and a medical certificate from the competent authorities. According to the lawyer, based on this data, "Savvas is counting days for his release".