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Athens stock exchange flirting dangerously with the 600 point level

There are strong pressures on stock prices on the Athens stock exchange, which is falling to 600 points. Bank stocks are still at the center of liquidation as the outflows continue after the recent restructuring of the MSCI indicators.

Estimates suggest that outflows from the Greek market could be up to € 184 million due to the restructuring of MSCI's indices. The General Price Index broke the limit of 610 units downwards, and at 12:50, it stood at 603.04 points, down by 2.29%.

The value of transactions amounts to € 12.55 million. The high cap index fell to 2.33%, while the mid-cap index declined to 1.79%. The shares of large capitalization are also moving downward and the biggest drop was recorded by the Alpha Bank shares (-6.63%), Eurobank (-5,01%) and Piraeus Bank (-4.64%).

All sub-indices are on the downside and the largest losses are recorded by the Banks (-4.70%) and Trade (-3.64%). Eurobank and Alpha Bank have the largest volume of transactions with 1,742,893 and 1,639,602 shares, respectively.

The highest value of transactions was recorded by Alpha Bank with 1,811 million euros and the National Bank with 1,151 million euros. Trading upwards are 5 shares, 71 are declining and 14 remain stable. The highest increase were recorded by: Proodeftiki + 14.04% and Q & R + 4,35%, while the largest decline were recorded by the shares: Bitros Holding -19.90% -17.27% and AKRITAS.