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Thessaloniki university school of theology vandalized in riot

University authorities began assessing the extensive damages and theft that were caused - during yesterday's riots and in the context of the mobilizations for Alexandros Grigoropoulos - the team of unknown hooded persons, who had occupied the School of Theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh).

"Today, the Aristotle University mourns the destruction and plunder of the Theological School," said Deputy Research and Coordinating Dean Professor Theodoros Laopoulos. "We are asking for the protection of the Greek State," he noted, adding that "there is no question of asylum when disasters strike". He also announced that the police and the prosecution had been informed about the occupation at the Theological School since Thursday morning, while the people from the anti-authoritarian space had occupied the building since Wednesday night.

"Last night - unfortunately - after the disasters and pillaging, it took ten minutes for the police to get in and evacuate the places where the incidents happened. Unfortunately this was done slowly," said Mr. Lapopoulos and read to the representatives of the media an announcement by the Aristotle University about the episodes in which he mentions: "The Aristotelian University mourns today, Friday 7 December 2018, yesterday's disasters and looting in the Theological School .

"After 24 hours of occupation of the School and about 8 hours of disaster, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is once again struck by barbarians. People who have nothing to do with the University Community have destroyed marbles and sidewalks, set fire outdoors, vandalized the School of Theology. Conference Rooms, Teachers' Offices, the School Secretariat and other sites were looted, many computers were stolen, and scientific work of years was lost. "

"The exact assessment of damage and theft began today by the teachers and staff of the Theological School, but the cost of material damage can not be compared to the damage to the prestige of the Aristotle University internationally. We call once again for all institutional bodies of the Hellenic State to consent to specific initiatives for the protection of the Aristotelian University for the protection of Greek Public Universities. We can proceed like this any longer," he said.

Professors whose offices wereplundered estimate that some of the people involved in the occupation may have known where the keys to office security doors were kept and thus gained access. The School's Dean aims to make immediate damage restoration, as well as the recording of the stolen items and equipment, with the aim of enabling classes to be held on Monday.

"They went to my office on the balcony side, they broke the glass and stole computers," said the president of the Department of Theology, Professor Panagiotis Skaltsis, adding: "I do not mind the stealing, I mind the hatred that they showed. Let's look on the next day, it is not for the lessons only, but [let this not happen] again and again, I fear it will become a base [for such incidents] every year. "

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Professor Dimitris Mavroskoufis, people who participated in the incidents also entered the premises of the School of Modern Greek Language, behind the Old Building of the Philosophical School. "They broke the locks of all the halls, went up to the secretariat, drank beers and coffees, but fortunately they did not destroy, they did not rob."

Others climbed to the roof of the building of the Polytechnic School of AUTH. The recent episodes - on the sidelines of the Polytechnic anniversary events - had caused the Polytechnic damage valued at 20,000 euros. Much of the damage - mainly broken glass windows - has not yet been restored.