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From waiter to bon viveur ministerial adviser

The case of Manolis Petsitis is turning into a major issue, as he is a classmate and advisor of Nikos Pappas and a close collaborator of the PM's office.

The issue has taken on political dimensions as main opposition New Democracy formulated "harsh" questions, while from KINAL MP Yannis Maniatis brought the matter to the House.

As newsbomb.gr revealed, Manolis Petsitis, a classmate of Digital Policiy minister Nikos Pappas and one of his closest associates, with special relations with the PM's office, has travelled an impressive course ever since the rise of SYRIZA to power.

Until 2014, Mr Petsitis was a waiter by profession, with poor earnings. But from 2015, with the rise of SYRIZA to power, Mr Petsitis rose and overnight became a political wheeler-dealer and interlocutor of top entrepreneurs and media owners, and appears to be salaried by controversial businessman Lavrentis Lavrentiadis, through his firm Elfe.

The "good life"

According to in.gr, Manolis Petsitis has been living the "good life" in recent years:

"The hitherto unknown to the general public waiterby profession who managed to make reality his most crazy dreams and live an enviable life. With fine women, full bank accounts, tables in trendy shops of the Athenian nightlife, expensive wines and whiskey (for which he shows a particular weakness to the point of ... exaggeration)."