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Countdown against Tsipras-Kammenos Coalition

Featured Countdown against Tsipras-Kammenos Coalition

The political situation in Greece is reaching a boiling point, as after the sudden collision caused by Nikos Kotzias with all he claimed against Panos Kammenos and ANEL, the government partner is measuring the political divorce, on Wednesday, and is preparing to seal it.

Panos Kammenos' harsh references to "apostasy" and "blackmail" not only did not go unnoticed, but they received a two-tier response from both the prime minister and the secretary of SYRIZA, Panos Skourletis.

On the substance of what Kammenos had said, the latter replied, stating that the president of ANEL: "Knew from the outset SYRIZA's program. He is a problem for the government with what he says.

There is no question of apostasy (as Panos Kammenos complained with his tweets) as MPs are part of the governmental majority and support the government.

So where will they flee from?" Was the question that the SYRIZA secretary asked in replying to Panos Kammenos, indirectly confirming information that ANEL members will not want to follow Kammenos' "exit".

Alexis Tsipras not only made known to his partner that thevotes to passthePrespa Agreement have been found and will not hesitate because of the political cost to proceed to the ratification of the Agreement, but he also used a keyword, "risk", to also tell Panos Kammenos that he will not hesitate to even risk the existence of the government alliance.

In fact, with this report he threw - indirectly - the gauntlet to anyone who wants to take it up, declaring he is determined.

What Nikos Kotzias said was, however, the element that acted as a "detonator" for Kammenos' explosion. The ex Foreign Minister seems to remember that because of Kammenos he was kicked out of the government and is now serving a "cold dish" to the ANEL head, saying that Kammenos does not overthrow the government, not because he does not want to, but because he no longer has MPs.

In an obvious move to pressure the government, Panos Kammenos called for an extraordinary meeting of the party's central committee. on Wednesday, one day before Angela Merkel visits Athens.

Alexis Tsipras, for his part, will now chair the party's Political Secretariat on political developments and the handling of the Prespa Agreement. Having said that he does not count the risk and will not be blackmailed, the President of SYRIZA and the top cadres are expected to reaffirm their commitment to the implementation of the Agreement.