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Danelis to be expelled from Potami

Featured Danelis to be expelled from Potami

Stavros Theodorakis asked yesterday from Mr Danelis to answer him if he would vote for confidence in the government and as soon as the MP responded positively, the door of Potami closed for him.

Today, one by one, the cadres of Potami attacked Spyros Danellis, who has sided with Alexis Tsipras and not with the decisions of the party with which he was elected to the House.

Tsiodras: It is self-evident that Danelis does not belong within Potami

Potami spokesman Dimitris Tsordas, speaking this morning to public broadcaster ERT, made it clear that Mr Danellis does not belong to Potami. "It is a decision of the Conference of Potami and of the Parliamentary Group that Potami will not give a vote of confidence to the government, so it goes without saying that Mr. Danelis does not belong to the party. I think of course he will be expelled," he said.