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Christodoulos Xiros sends message of mass revolt

In a letter and a video posted on anarchist-linked site athens.indymedia.org, terrorist fugitive Christodoulos Xiros delineates the reasons he fled during furlough and his plans from now on.

In a relatively short text Xiros assaults the present government, but also media, for being stooges of lenders and quislings of the “fourth reich,” adding that naturally his being on the loose should make “media frauds,” and those they serve, panic!

Christodoulos Xiros refers to quite an extent to the results of the memorandums in bleak terms citing impoverishment, suicides, unemployment, rising death rates, among other things.

Interestingly enough, Xiros cites the destruction of the middle class as one of the signs that call for a mass uprising (because that is what he is calling for), in an odd twist on his otherwise Marxist ideology.

In the video, Xiros calls for mass resistance in a “war that we [the people] have been drawn into,” calling for citizens to assault verbally and physically politicians, police, tax collectors, security guards, and all those that for him represent the “quisling” state apparatus, as he sees it.

Xiros appeals not just to Greeks, in his personal “address to the nation,” but especially to those on the extreme left and anarchists, to coalesce and unite, as the country is is a state of war.

He also threatens anyone who would dare take issue with his family with “just desserts.”

Christodoulos Xiros signs the letter, dated 14 January, with his name and the identity “free member of 17 November.”