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Greece's most horrific murderer dies in psychiatric prison

Featured Greece's most horrific murderer dies in psychiatric prison

Theofilos Sechidis who in 1996 had shocked Greece by killing and cutting up five members of his family, died at the age of 46,.

Sechidis, known as the "Greek Hannibal Lector" or "slaughterer of Thassos", was detained in the Korydallos Prison Psychiatric Hospital.

According to the first information, his death is attributed to pathological causes. A possible cause of death (the forensic report will confirm it) is cardiac arrest as he had had serious heart problems for years and was receiving medication. He was overweight and during bath time this morning he experienced breathing difficulties. He was immediately transferred to the Prison Hospital where his death was recorded.

He had been place in the Korydallos Prison Psychiatric Hospital in 2001

It must be noted that in the summer of 1996 he murdered his 55-year-old father Dimitris, 48-year-old mother Maria, 27-year-old sister Ermioni, 75-year-old grandmother Ermioni Kalamara and 58-year-old uncle, brother of his father Vasilis Sechidis. becoming one of the most horrific criminals in the country.

He then cut up the corpses - except his uncle's - and then put them in bags in a threw them in a carbage dump in Kavala.

In October 2017 he had applied for release.