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DIMAR decides to ally with SYRIZA

Featured DIMAR decides to ally with SYRIZA

DIMAR’s central committee decided on Saturday to join forces with SYRIZA and all the movements and active citizens participating in the Progressive Alliance.

The decision, which was voted by 91 pct (30 votes in favour and 3 against), highlights among others that “we believe that what unites us is the present and, above all, the future of the need for a truly progressive policy in Greece and Europe, putting aside and not forgetting our differences in the past on government policies or disagreements over a number of issues.”

“This cooperation will be on equal terms and based on political and organizational autonomy. DIMAR’s political positions will be expressed in an authentic way through political and organizational autonomy. The participation of DIMAR will make a positive contribution to creating the conditions for a truly progressive change in the country with a modern, realistic, reform plan.”